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Worry worry worry

My kitty is sick.

Well. Not really sick.

But, he’s developed an abscess on his back. I’ve been keeping the wound clean and open in the hopes that it would drain itself and not cause an expensive visit to the vet. No such luck. And, I’m a chronic self-diagnoser (I know, I know! Self-diagnosing is a bad idea.) so I was driving myself nuts with a worry that was given power by all the online know-it-alls who insist a cat with an abscess must be immediately run to a vet or it will die.

So, 5 days after I discovered the lump, I’m running him immediately to the vet.

At 4 pm.

He’s still eating. He’s still playing with the dog. He’s still romping around outside. He’s still acting like his usual happy self.

And purring. A lot. And being all snuggly. Which may actually be a sign of bad things.

But this has me all worried about how we’re going to do things going forward. Back in university, the kitty was having some issues: peeing in inappropriate places, vomiting – the symptoms of a bladder infection and hairballs. I took him to a vet who gave me a tube of crap both Pekoe and I hated for the hairballs and diagnosed the inappropriate urination as, not a bladder infection, but a behavioural issue due to being stuck inside all the time. His personality and energy levels do not lend well to being an indoor cat. So, he said, let him free!

And I did. I was amazed at the change. He would wander all day or all night and sleep and snuggle and purr. He became such a happy, contented cat. I won’t take that away from him.

(Besides that, I truly love not having a litter box.)

But how will I prevent this abscess thing going forward? He’s going to come across other cats, he’s going to get in scrapes. And, he’s got this amazing thick fur that hides scratches so well.

I guess we’ll just take it as it comes and see what happens.

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