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Three Things This Thursday



Last night, the Husband and I were lying in bed and I looked up at the light hanging above us. It looks something like this:

We’ve been to Home Depot a number of times to look for lights and, surprise, surprise! We can’t find a thing we like. We’ve even stopped by Rona and Lowes. On this particular thing, the box stores have failed us. 
So, what do we want? I’m leaning toward something like this:
(image from here and somewhere hidden within the ElleDecor archives)

Something with a little drama, but not too much. Our room is, after all, small. I think this choice is going to take a little longer yet, to research, search for, and find the perfect chandelier.


This skillet cookie:

From this blog.

Does that not look unbelievably tasty? However, I have neither a cast-iron skillet in my house, nor a stick of butter. Or any butter. Really. It’s a sad state of affairs. I couldn’t even help our tenants out when they were making pumpkin pie and realized they had no butter either!

Yes, I need to buy butter.

And a cast-iron skillet.


My unorganized kitchen cabinets. Oh, they’re terrible. Terrible, terrible. Nothing at all like this:

I need some of those canisters. I need a proper spice rack. I need a big tub for all our tupperware, so they can stop taking up space scattered all over. I need a system. I need to not forget that I stuck some tortilla wraps inside one of the cabinets I rarely open. I need to use the cabinets I rarely open. I need to finish installing all the shelves in the cabinets I rarely open so that I can actually properly use them.

I probably need some help and a good kick in the butt.

Please follow!