A To-Do List

I've talked about them often enough. Why don't we bring things all out into the open?

A To-Do List of all the little things that need to be done and would only take 10 minutes to finish but, for some reason are so easy to over look

  1. Install cover plates on our light switches and outlets.
  2. Install baseboard in the dining room.
  3. Install toe-kicks in the kitchen.
  4. Secure baseboard in the bedroom, rather than just letting it float there.
  5. Install curtain rods and hang curtains properly rather than by string.
  6. Install trim around the window in the front room.
  7. Hang our third rod in the closet so I can finally show it to you. And properly hang all my clothes. Totally secondary, I know.
  8. Purchase and install kitchen door hardware.
  9. Install closet door hardware.
  10. Paint the back interior door.
  11. Paint the trim around the front door.
  12. Skim coat to fill air holes and seal grout. (Ok, this one might take a wee longer than 10 minutes. There's a reason it hasn't been done!)
I think that's enough. Perhaps this weekend, we'll cross a few off the list.

Or, I'll work on a new project that I might tell you about next week. Maybe.

Did I mention that I have far too many project on the go? Like this one: a baby blanket for a co-worker.

Have a blessed, relaxing, productive weekend, friends. 'Til next week.



  1. Good luck! Your house is looking great! It's amazing how much outlet covers can improve a room.

  2. Thanks Faith!

    Those outlets glare at me every single day. Definitely time to get on these little things.

  3. Directions Not IncludedNovember 25, 2011 at 12:28 PM

    We have the same to do list!

  4. Haha! Good luck with yours! I know I need some...

  5. Hopefully just writing this list and posting it for everyone to see will be enough to motivate you to cross off at least ONE this weekend.

  6. There are already plans to! So, hopefully, on Monday, I can come back and report favourable. All you lovely readers will keep me accountable, right? :D

  7. This is the "trick" we use at our house when we have a long "to do" list: We treat our own projects as if they were for a paying customer. A paying customer wants them done ASAP. So if "we're" the paying customer, it gets done :-) (OK..maybe not in one weekend but certainly in a much shorter time frame.)
    Best of luck!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration to get our own light switch plates on! We are tackling lots of our to do list items this weekend.


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