Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fabric from Tonic Living: So Excited!

Last night, I pulled a big brown envelope out of the mail. Usually it's our tenants who get all the good stuff. Not this time!

Inside the envelope was a pleasant note,

and eight beautiful swatches!

Now, I have a problem, a problem that you might be able to help with. Which one do I pick for my club chair

Which fabric would you use?
Groovy Grille
Loopy Lou

These fabrics can all be found at Tonic Living for a beautifully reasonable price.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Love them all! So addicted to Tonic Living - my samples for our master bedroom redo arrived in the mail on Monday and I've been drooling over them ever since. Good luck deciding!

  2. Thanks! Now that I've had them for, oh... 18 hours or so, I have made some decisions as to which ones I DON'T want. Beyond that, still not sure...

  3. They are all beautiful, but I would have to go with Varenna for sure ;)

  4. don't you just love tonic living! i'm partial to varenna and tempo...but i guess it also depends which rom your putting it in and what the clour scheme in there is...

  5. The room we're putting them in IS absolutely crucial. It will likely end up sitting next to the purple swirled rug I talked about in my last post. Obviously, that immediately throws a couple of my options out of the water.

    In general, though, most of our rooms hardly have a colour scheme right now. Workin' on that!

  6. Hmmm...tough choice, I love the Varenna and Tempo. Can't wait to see what you go with!

  7. That was the first time I voted on a blog, it was kind of exhilirating (I know I need to get out more)! I picked Tempo, it's sooooo beautiful!

  8. I would definitely think in terms of rooms + colour. If you have a running accent theme in the room you want to put your chair in, try and either play off that colour, or choose a corresponding 'complementary' that will pop against both the current decor &wall colour without looking too busy.

    If you plan on moving the chair around the house at random to suit your needs then I would lean more toward a print that you L.O.V.E. while keeping versatility in mind.

  9. I'm gonna be different and say do one fabric on the front and a different on the back of the chair ;) I'm liking Groovy Grille!

  10. We don't, really. Even our walls ended up so neutral. Gotta get on that colour scheme thing... In fact, this chair will be the start of choosing accent colours, etc.

  11. Ooh, good thought! Groovy Grill on the outside of the chair and a solid colour on the inside, perhaps? Thanks for voting, and for the suggestion!