The Month of Movember!!

(Two posts today! A word from the Husband.)
Hey All,
The Husband writing here. I thought I would just give some acknowledgement to the month of Movember. For those who are not familiar to this growing tradiation, it’s a month dedicated to prostate cancer and men’s heath. You can read more about it on their webpage. If you haven’t guessed already I’ve joined the movement. Here is a picture at the start of month:

And 10 days in:
On the 24th:
And so it continues.
At the end of the month, I’ll have to share an updated photo you can see the final look.

Want to donate? You can donate to the cause itself here or me, here. Are there any other mustaches being grown this month out there?

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  1. At first I thought: Is this one of those picture/game things where you're supposed to find "what's different"? I thought, Is it what's on the computer screen? Is it a different shirt? Different glasses? I hardly noticed it was the mustache…sorry 🙁 But I guess that's because my hubby and one of our son's can practically grow one overnight! haha! On the other hand, our other son can grow one for a month and you hardly see it! Gotta love that facial hair conundrum the guys deal with 😉

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