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I love kitchens

We’ve had a wonderfully productive weekend. I can only hope that I get my act together enough to take some wonderful pictures of the work we did so I can properly share it with you. In the meantime…

One of the many things we did this weekend was spend a delightful afternoon in the company of a family from our church. After the most delicious ginger-filled squash soup I’ve ever had, we moved on to talk about renovations, ours, and the ones they want to do. Their kitchen has risen to be their main priority and they’re now in the planning stages of a full renovation. The old, cracked tile is coming up, the cabinets are coming out, a new counter top is on its way. It was kind of exciting, in a way, to talk about someone else’s renovations for once.

They had a good list of requirements for their kitchen, and they already know what they like and, more importantly, perhaps, what they don’t. No open shelving, no tile. White cabinets with a darker counter top. Their kitchen already had a good layout. Small but, most importantly, it works and their happy with it. With a few new finishes, I know they’ll love their kitchen.
They have a gorgeous window in their kitchen, a huge, solid pane of glass that draws your eye in and out to their private backyard the moment you step into the room. This is where I think they should focus their design once they’ve made the basic decisions about flooring, cabinetry, and counter tops. That window opens up the small room and could make it feel a lot bigger than it is.  
They’re well on their way to finishing up their plans, I think, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Hopefully, we’ll be invited back once they’ve made the leap.
Thank you to the Zed’s for picking our brains about your kitchen! We thoroughly enjoyed talking about someone else’s renovation for a change and we’re always glad to share some of the knowledge we’ve picked up along our renovation journey. I hope you’re finding plenty of inspiration and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
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