Another Thought: Window Benches

Humour me here.

I know I’ve been talking a lot about my little club chair lately. The idea is that it replace one of our Ikea chairs which sit just inside our front door. Eventually, both Poang chairs will be replaced with smaller, more suited piece of furniture.

Occasionally, however, I start thinking about a totally different option.

Window seats!

Let’s look at my space, shall we?

On either side of the window, there’s approximately 2 feet, a decent amount of space for a book shelf. Our window isn’t terribly low, so a bench could fit nicely beneath, with storage underneath for shoes, umbrellas, and all the other things we may need when venturing outdoors. Pile the bench high with pillows and it could still be a comfortable place to sit, enjoy a cup of coffee, and snuggle with a pet.

I can envision it. Could I convince the Husband? And, if so, would we ever get around to it?

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  1. I love the idea of a window seat! You could always pull the table over to it to for extra seating if you're having people over too. Lindsay from @littlehouseblog made an awesome window seat using upper cabinets from Ikea, so that's one way you could go. It's nice too because you'd have storage that opens from the front so you don't have to take cushions off everytime you want to get at something.

  2. Thanks for pointing it out! I love Lindsay's blog. Her thoughts, and yours, about having easy to access storage is exactly what I'm thinking. Storage from above would definitely not work for me. But I'd love to find a way to pull it off for less than the cost of Ikea uppers. That's where the "would we ever get around to it" question comes in!

  3. @Amelia – I totally second the idea of pulling up the table (thus requiring less maneuvering room when seating 4-6). ReStore or Craigslist would be an economic way to get a hardwood unit (unlike Ikea)

    If this were my project, I might be concerned with losing some floor space, visually. In the current furniture arrangement even though the space is taken up by furniture, their legginess lets the floor extend all the way to the windows. With the window seat, the floor stops at the door.

    I look forward to seeing your choice!

  4. Have you ever changed out your dining table and chairs to over by the window? It looks like it might work.,.but hard to see without the rest of the room's arrangement on the photo. I was just thinking about this cuz I did that with a client and it was as if she had a whole new room! I also think that if you can afford to get some simple inexpensive fabric to cover or drape over the chairs, that space will look better 😉 Maybe even poke around for a couple of twin sheets that are on sale to use as "covers". Stash the multi-colored afghans in a close but concealed spot so you can get a unified space. (Oh I too remember our early days of marriage….the decor horrors we had to live with! You space is a mansion compared to our first dump…Haha! You've done very nice things so far.) Play around with room arrangements….they cost nothing and you can always put it back 🙂

  5. Thanks for the tips Connie!

    The dining table and chairs by the window would not work… mostly because that front door is right there and neither of us are fond of the idea of walking into the dining room.

    And the chairs? Well, they're just temporary anyway. Remember, I'm working on an upholstery project for that space! I hope that next year, I'll be able to reupholster the Ikea chairs (the afghans are covering some horrors…) in an outdoor fabric and use them on our front porch. But, that's for a different post.

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