Bamboo Black and Purple Swirls

When we chose our floors 5 months or so ago, we took a risk. We’d fallen in love with dark floors, but the hardwood was so expensive. We were this close to ordering our square footage worth of $6-a-foot beautiful, scraped hardwood when we stumbled across a small display of options tucked into a corner of Alexanians. Bamboo! Nearly half the price, beautifully dark. Not scraped, nor hardwood, and very susceptible to scratching, we were warned. But, we went with it.

Fast forward. We’re actually living with the bamboo. Guests are coming over and I’m desperately trying to get the floors to shine. Only a few months after installing them, they seem to have lost their sheen. Faint scratches from shoes, paw prints, drywall dust filling the cracks. We have a rule now: cleaning the floors is the Husband’s job because I get way too disappointed with our choice.

Except that, when we’re not working really hard to try to make it look amazing, I love our floors. They’re warm. They’re dark and sophisticated.

Solution? Put a rug down!

We found this baby at Rona for $80 on sale. We debated the colour. After all, we have a dog who loves to root around in the garden which, at the moment, is just dirt.* Was going so light really such a good idea? But the contrast, in the end, seems to save our floors in a way. It draws the eye away from the dust and the hair-line scratches, heightens the sheen, and amps up the warmth factor all in one.

(* It’s amazing how quickly she’s learned that, as soon as she comes in from outside, she needs to jump in the tub so that we can wash her feet. Of course, the treat she gets after each foot washing is just an added bonus.)

Also, with those big purple swirls, it’s just fun.

One of these days, we’ll find some complementary art for that wall. I think it’s calling out for something big, something show stopping. Ideas, anyone?

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  1. Oh wow. I don't know how I'm going to get along without dark wood. When I picture my dream home, I see dark wood floors. The rug looks charming and it does the job at the table. Plus those protectors are not too shabby either. Thanks for the heads up on the floor though. I never thought scratches would be such a big problem.

    By the way, I'm passing the Liebster Award on to you. Congrats!

  2. I love your floors, but I feel your pain. Our house came with super dark cherry laminate floors in 1/2 the main level (supposedly scratch resistant HA!), and in the space of 2 years they have been scratched into oblivion by pets, kids and furniture. I doubt we'll ever lean toward dark floors again (unless it's tile!).

    Those chair booties are adorable!

  3. Not all dark wood floors will do this! The one we were originally looking at was wire scraped, so it had a lot of texture to it. It would have hidden the scratches quite well. Definitely a little more money, though.

    Thank you for the award! I always love to hear that people are reading and enjoying my blog enough to give me an award! I am so honoured. 🙂

  4. Dark floors look so beautiful, and I still love them… but I'm with you. After actually living with these floors, I think we'd make a different choice in our next house. At least, I would. The Husband thinks he would still make the exact same choice. Good thing I have a say!


  5. Dark floors are SO MUCH WORK. We have hardwood that's original to the house (86 years old) but we refinished them and used a dark stain. I LOVE them, but we have two white, heavy-shedding dogs. They're a ton of work!! I keep telling myself we should get a rug but I can't commit. Love your choice! The swirls give it character without being overwhelming.

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