Thursday, October 6, 2011

Using the Walls (when there's not enough floor)

Remember our bathroom? It feels like it's been a long time finished, especially since it was the first thing to be finished in this house.

I love our bathroom. Really, I do. I don't love how long my hair has gotten and how difficult it is to clean it up and I don't love how many personal hygiene products we use every day and, therefore, don't ever put away. I don't love that this bathroom is organizationally challenged.

We are, however, on our way to fixing the problem.

The Husband and I are not unfamiliar with organizationally challenged, small spaces. In fact, since we got married, we have never lived in anything more than 600 square feet. This is why we just happen to have a number of shelves lying around -- when your floor space is limited, use your walls.

As the bathroom started to drive me insane with its cluttered vanity -- inside and out -- and its lack of pretty decor once the flowers died and the Husband's shaving cream and my contact lens stuff moved up to live permanently around the sink, I started half-heartedly bugging the Husband about putting a few of those shelves up.

Then, one night, he did the dishes. (Actually, he does dishes often enough...) It inspired me into a role reversal. I grabbed a drill, some drywall anchors, some screws, and one of the sets of Ikea shelves we've got kicking around, demanded some minimal help with holding things, and half an hour later, stepped back to admire my work.

They're perfect in the space, high enough above the toilet that it doesn't feel crowded and, if I find we need even more, there's still space enough to add a third. Soon, they'll be decked out with cosmetics- and cleaning-supply-hiding baskets so, hopefully, the vanity will be given a little break.

Perhaps one of these days I'll get to finishing the patch around that light switch and actually putting the cover on it...


  1. The shelves look great, very nice. We're planning on adding shelves to our bathroom after the big gut (but that won't be for a while) bathrooms + storage is a must.

    I had to buy my own drill-set & hammer etc for projects around the house as my husband keeps his at work; it's an empowering feeling to be able to say "I did that" when people normally assume stereotypical gender-roles are at play :)

  2. Great job! I have learned a question like "where's the hammer/drill/primer?" Gets my husband moving! He is finally learning to let me do some of the littler things like hanging pictures and painting unassisted. So good job to your man too for letting you take on a project!

  3. I feel your pain, shelves are on my bathroom list too! They look great!

  4. Reminds me of our bathroom! ( Those shelves have worked out great for us. They look like their making good use of space in your bathroom too. And for the record, we still have at least 10 switches and receptacles with no covers!