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We might not have been doing much, house-wise, home-wise lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about things!

Kitchen rugs

Right now, we have an old bathmat on the floor by the sink. Someone gave it to us for a wedding gift a year and a half ago. It’s seen better days. It’s a little greyed from frequent washings, from frequent wet feet stepping onto it from the shower. And now, it’s a little spotted, from frequent food spills, frequent dropped chopped vegetables, frequent splashed dish water. It’s not pleasant.

The other day, I told the Husband to just throw it out. I thought he’d grab the opportunity happily, but he hesitated. Is it possible that he enjoys the feeling of a rug under the feet while doing dishes as much as I do?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a little bit about our options. These days, I’m fixating on braided rugs.

They remind me of my grandmother in this whimsical, nostalgic way. A good way. The above photo came from this post. There’s a tutorial there that, someday, I hope to find the time, the cheap bed sheets, and the talent to follow.

Bedside tables

We have bedside tables from Ikea. We still like them. They’re wonderful. However, they’re our catch-alls, the concentration of our clutter. At the moment, one bedside table has about 5 candlesticks on it, two picture frames and one little tray — for the Husband’s watch. Mine has the alarm clock, the lamp, a candle, and a huge mirror. They’re a mess.

I would rather they look something like this:

Simple. Pretty. Uncluttered. Just the right touch. The whole room, found here, is delightful.
(Also, my bed-making skills are not nearly that precise. I like to blame the type of pillows we have for the floppy, lacking structure lumps that I end up with, even after spending half an hour trying to make the bed. Whatever. It’s comfortable.)

I want one. Perhaps Mocha wants one too, like the pup in the above photo.
Two actually. One for each chair in our entry way. Unfortunately, sheepskin is expensive and I think my parents got rid of theirs long ago. (Did you?) However, I think they’d be perfect, adding another, extra dimension of softness to our home.
What are you thinking about these days? Did anyone else notice that two out of three of the things I’ve been thinking about lately have had to do with things that would cover our beautiful dark floors? 

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  1. Just after I posted this, I checked out Ikea. See, I didn't think they have real ones… but it appears they do! They're $69.99 CAD, which isn't bad, especially considering I still have a gift card that would allow me to get one for 'free'!

  2. Somebody beat me to it! I was going to suggest IKEA too. I love how soft and plush they are. I'm also loving that adorable pup in the photo! Can't wait to see what you pick out! We desperately need a rug in our kitchen, but I haven't figured out what color scheme we're going with yet. Someday…

  3. Yep, sheepskins are gone! They were dirty and impossible to clean (as in, I could not throw them in the washing machine). Not sure what the final straw was–cat, dog, child, or just all around grunge….

  4. I love braided rugs and they're perfect for the kitchen! I can also relate to the bedside tables – we finally got some with storage because ours were always covered with change, old reciepts, books, etc. They're much easier to keep uncluttered when you have drawers to stash all your stuff!

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