Sorry, you’ll have to eat from your lap

On Sunday, my grandparents came to see the house and enjoy a meal with us. It was a wonderful chance to catch up with some people who are important in our lives but whom we don’t get to see very often and I truly appreciated their decision to face the traffic and unfamiliar driving situation to come see where we live.

Lunch was simple: tortilla wraps and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. All eaten from our laps.

Last night, we had dinner and wine with our basement friends. We plan to have dinner every Thursday, alternating cooking weeks. I made salmon, orange glazed carrots (from the garden!), and potatoes. Again, all eaten from our laps.

This weekend is Thanksgiving. (Remember, American friends: we’re Canadian. We’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October since 1957.) We’re having the in-laws come visit for lunch on Sunday. On Monday, I’m planning a delicious meal for just the Husband and I, complete with duck instead of turkey. I’ve never made duck. I might be slightly excited.

The problem?

I’m getting sick of this eating from our laps thing. Thinking about big Thanksgiving meals seems weird when there is no table involved.

Recently, we popped into a small local furniture store on a jaunt about town and drooled over the beautiful, expensive, solid, non-wobbly tables. This one in particular caught our fancy:

Very simple, but with a strong wood grain and a dark stain. Also, $1200, for the table alone.

Is there any way we could justify spending that much? We tried: it would be our one and only table purchase for the next 20 years. With its sturdy frame and thick, solid pine planks, it could take a good beating before it even starts to show it’s age. And, perhaps getting something we really truly like would be worth $1200? I’m not sure the attempts at justification are working.

Perhaps tomorrow we’ll do some proper shopping and see what we can find. No doubt, however, we’ll be eating our big meals from our laps yet again.

What are your big Thanksgiving/Columbus Day plans? (Another bit of trivia: Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day in the States have coincided since 1971. Thank you Wikipedia!) Enjoy your holidays, friends! Even though we’ll be eating around a coffee table, I plan to enjoy ours.

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  1. Love the table! It looks really close to the one we have from Crate&Barrel, the Pacifica 60". Ours is teak and has been oiled, so it has a much warmer finish than the one on the website. Super solid table, I love it!

  2. Those are 4×4 posts (legs) with 1×4 (maybe even 2×4) aprons and what looks like a 3/4" ply top. Cost of materials would roughly be $100-200, if that. Personally, the cost of real wood non-wobbly tables takes my breath away, especially ones like this which would be ludicrously easy to build (it would take 4 hours, tops to make that table & another 24-48 for the stain & seal).

    $1200 is pretty low-end standard for solid wood dining tables[no veneer or press-board] especially hand constructed & not factory built.

  3. Gorgeous Table!!!! We went the rustic route as well and got the Benchwright from Pottery barn. I still can't believe we bought furniture from there, it's by far the most expensive piece we've gotten (the rest is all hand-me-downs and bargains). Plus at the time we found it very hard to find rustic looking dining tables (the one we got was less than others we saw).
    We love it. Absolutely love it. But the other posts are right, you probably could make one for less. It all comes down to what your time and energy is worth. (and I'm not sure where you'd find the hardware if you wanted it to be expandable…)
    A bonus to the rustic look – when our master ensuite shower leaked into our dining room, onto the table the resulting water damage isn't that big a deal as it just adds to the rustic look.

  4. I think everyone should have at least one piece of furniture in their home that is absolutely perfect and exactly what they want! Hand-me-downs are wonderful, but there's nothing like getting a chance to pick out exactly what you want and not have to compromise, isn't there?

    I'd love to see a picture of your table!

  5. It actually wouldn't be THAT easy… it's impossible to see in the pictures on the website, but there's some pretty serious hardware inside to extend the table. We did consider making our own, but since neither of us have any furniture building experience, I don't think we'd come out of the experience with a table of the same quality. One of these days, though, we'll get around to trying our hand at furniture building!

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