Guest Posting and a Sneak Peak

I think I just had the most glorious weekend in months, complete with a heart shaped cookie. It involved a little bit of thrifting, a little bit of deconstruction, a little bit of visiting, a little bit of movie-watching, a little bit of coffee, and a little bit of simply living.

And today, I have an exciting announcement to make: I’m guest posting for Kerry while she visits with family and watches her brother get married over at First Time Fancy!

Do you read Kerry’s blog? It’s a delightful romp through all things pretty that the Internet has to offer. And then, there’s all her projects — Kerry seems to have unlimited amounts of energy and creativity that she puts toward making her home beautiful. Pop over there and you’ll meet her most beautiful and important project of all: her sweet, sweet 10 week old baby, Halle.

So, go on by, read my post — I’m talking about why I blog, an ever important question that I believe every blogger should ask themselves — and check our Kerry’s blog. It’s not one you want to miss!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow. I’m trying something completely new that I’m looking forward to sharing. Considering I have very little idea about what I’m doing with this new project, I’m definitely going to need some help from you, my knowledgeable readers!

Please follow!