A Break

Throughout the summer, when someone asked when I was free, it almost became my mantra to respond with, “This month is crazy, but next is wide open!” Invariably, the next month, I’d be saying the exact some thing. 

And now? I’ve been grateful for the busyness of my life, the wonderful people who want to spend time with me, the tasks that require my attention. But one of the leaders at my church gently reminded me a couple weeks ago that I’m allowed to say no to things, that it’s better to say no than to burn out.
Which is why, two weeks ago, I entered an event into my calendar for this Saturday, even though no one had asked me to do anything, even though I had no meetings, and no coffee dates lined up. I scheduled myself a ‘Me’ Day, a day in which I answer to no one but myself, a day in which I do what I want to do, a day to put my feet up, read a book, have a cup of tea, take an afternoon nap, paint an Ikea dresser, bake something tasty, and go to bed early. 
So, what are my plans?
I’m going to sleep in, likely until around 8:00 or so.
I’m going to go thrifting. With a budget of $100, I have a whole list of things I’m looking for.
  • Counter stools
  • A kitchen table set
  • A hutch or a pretty dresser of a suitable height
  • Baskets for the bathroom
  • Canisters for compost, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, etc.
I’m going to bake these Peanut Butter Pretzel Granola Bars because they just look so tasty.
I might paint, whether it be a canvas or the previously-mentioned Ikea dresser.
I might watch a silly chick flick.
I will enjoy a quiet, relaxed day to myself.
When you need a rest, what do you do? How do you make sure you don’t burn out?
Please follow!