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Don’t Try This One At Home

Today, I’m going to share a little trick with you. However, I would never ever recommend actually using this technique. It’s probably one of the most dangerous home renovation techniques you could ever allow yourself to use.

(And by dangerous, I don’t actually mean physically dangerous. You’ll understand in a moment.)

You may have noticed all the unfinished details in our kitchen as I’ve shared it over the past few days. The unfinished details are there, a few too many for comfort, in fact. Our kitchen isn’t finished, but we have no one else to blame but ourselves.

And my mother.

Because she taught us this trick.

Yes, that’s painter’s tape.

Painter’s tape doubled over.

And stuck to the inside of the cupboard door.

Painter’s tape allows us to open our kitchen cabinets without using a fork or breaking any fingernails, or driving ourselves insane.

Painter’s tape allows us to live in a kitchen with no cabinet door handles in perfect contentment.

Painter’s tape will kill the progress of your renovation.

You have been warned.

(In all seriousness, it works great if, for some reason, you have to pause your progress right at the point at which you could be adding pulls and knobs to your cabinet doors.)

(We don’t really have a good reason.)

Please follow!