On Rods and Shelves and Hangers: A Closet Wishlist

Yesterday, you saw our big empty, wasting-space closet. I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of organization we’d like to have one day, preferably soon. Unfortunately, I can’t have this:

Pacific Heights Residence traditional closet
That’s for the next house, once we’ve struck it big and won the 50 million Lotto 649. Right? (Better start playing…)
I could, however, have this:
Or this:
Or, perhaps, this:
Minus the lime green and the colour coordinated clothes. 
In all my research, this is what I have learned:
  • The world of closet inspiration on the blogosphere expects you to have a walk-in closet. At the moment, I have a walk-in closet. However, said walk-in closet is supposed to be another room of living space for us. I need inspiration for the non-walk-in closet! 
  • In order to have an organized closet, the more designated areas in the closet the better. The key to closets is compartmentalization. The more cubbies or designated rods, the better. 
So, what exactly do we need?
  • Three rods for me: one for tops, one for bottoms, one for dresses.
  • Two rods for the Husband: one for tops, one for bottoms.
  • Shelves for me for jeans, underwear and sock baskets, my jewellry box, bags, and, if possible, shoes.
  • Shelves for the Husband for jeans, underwear and sock baskets.
  • High shelves for extra linens, towels, and blankets — things we don’t use often.
So, friends, want to help me out? What do you love about you closet? What do you hate? Any words of closet wisdom?

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0 thoughts on “On Rods and Shelves and Hangers: A Closet Wishlist

  1. Comparing the lime green, purpley-grey and neon pink options, I would say that purpley-grey rods are best because they let you hang up long things (formal dresses, winter coats), while the shelving of lime green is best because you can see everything (no drawers).

    Just make sure that the center shelves are wide enough <<– lesson learned from mistakes of my home's previous owner!

  2. Call me nuts, but my way of organizing/designing closet space for myself and hubby is when the clothes get to be too many for the existing space, PURGE! LOL! But honestly I find that most people have far more clothes than they actually wear. However, if clothes are your thing, try fitting them into your space, in an organized way of course, clothes "by season". I put away my winter clothes and take out my summer clothes as the season dictates. The "off season" clothes go in a big box in our storage room. (You could get those slim plastic storage containers or those ones that suck out the air to lie flat and place them under a bed if you don't have a storage room.) But whatever space you have allowable, do take adequate measurements of "standard" things that are in your wardrobe (eg. width, length of your pants, your tops, his pant/shirts, etc.) then configure for your precise needs. Have fun and do post pics when your space comes to life!

  3. Definitely not nuts! I tend to do the same, though I think I'm definitely due for a purge one of these days… especially since more clothes than necessary somehow ended up in the painting/house-work-only clothes category during the course of our reno. I have never sorted my clothes by season though, somewhat due to a little laziness but mainly because there's almost no point in putting away my sweaters for the 4 months of the year or so I don't wear them. Curse of being one of those people who's always cold, especially as the seasons change!

    Thanks for all the tips! We will certainly remember to take plenty of measurements. We have the luxury of complete customization, so why not "configure to our precise needs"? I will definitely share once we've got it all figured out!

  4. Thanks for the advice m! I agree, the second one is the best option for me and my side of the closet will look very much like that. I expect the Husband's side will look a little more like one of the other two. He doesn't have too many dresses or long winter coats to hang up, so I think he'll be ok with two rods on top of each other.

  5. I really like buying Ikea interior fittings for the PAX wardrobes and building the frames ourselves. That way they are really custom, and way cheaper. We've done this in our previous house and it worked like a charm! In my wardrobes, I like to have lots of shelves, much more than hanging space, but that's a personal preference. Also, we're trying our best to limit the number of pieces of furniture in our rooms, so having drawers in our closets works for underwear + socks. That's all I've got when in comes to closets. We're working on our master bedroom closet organization right this second, so this is a very close to my heart topic this week 🙂

  6. We just built out a reach in closet and I find it to be more space effective than my walk-in closet from before. We used the Ikea Antonius system. It ended up being only $250 for two closets compared to $750+ for ClosetMaid or Container Store alternatives. I love how it's completely customizable but I found the standard sizes to be limiting. The rods and basket stands come in two sizes so if they don't fit exactly, you need to adjust. I do love the added space that it gives me though!

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