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On Rods and Shelves and Hangers: A Closet Wishlist

Yesterday, you saw our big empty, wasting-space closet. I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of organization we’d like to have one day, preferably soon. Unfortunately, I can’t have this:

Pacific Heights Residence traditional closet
That’s for the next house, once we’ve struck it big and won the 50 million Lotto 649. Right? (Better start playing…)
I could, however, have this:
Or this:
Or, perhaps, this:
Minus the lime green and the colour coordinated clothes. 
In all my research, this is what I have learned:
  • The world of closet inspiration on the blogosphere expects you to have a walk-in closet. At the moment, I have a walk-in closet. However, said walk-in closet is supposed to be another room of living space for us. I need inspiration for the non-walk-in closet! 
  • In order to have an organized closet, the more designated areas in the closet the better. The key to closets is compartmentalization. The more cubbies or designated rods, the better. 
So, what exactly do we need?
  • Three rods for me: one for tops, one for bottoms, one for dresses.
  • Two rods for the Husband: one for tops, one for bottoms.
  • Shelves for me for jeans, underwear and sock baskets, my jewellry box, bags, and, if possible, shoes.
  • Shelves for the Husband for jeans, underwear and sock baskets.
  • High shelves for extra linens, towels, and blankets — things we don’t use often.
So, friends, want to help me out? What do you love about you closet? What do you hate? Any words of closet wisdom?

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