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Snuggle in and dream awhile

I find I wait so long for the perfect time to reveal the changes that we have made to our home that time slips by, and more things change, and suddenly a big ‘reveal’ seems impossible and silly, way after the fact. In some ways, that’s what this post is: after the fact.

I alluded in my posts about Room #4 that, since it is no longer our temporary bedroom, our permanent bedroom is, indeed finished. Which it is, kind of. There is so much more to do, but it’s finished in the same sense that the kitchen is finished, the  bathroom is finished, or the back yard is finished. We have plans for its finishing touches, but for now, it’s perfectly, comfortably, amazingly livable.

This is what the bedroom looked like before we moved in:

To be honest, we didn’t actually do much here. We ripped up the floor and layed our beautiful dark bamboo, pulled off the trim, fixed some drywall and removed the dropped ceiling. Above, the ceiling was a mess, so we re-drywalled. And the biggest change? We added a closet, his and hers, side by side, a whole wall of a closet. It took a few inches from the room, but now we can no longer claim to live in a closet-less house. Despite reducing the square footage of the bedroom space, it should add value in the end.

Unfortunately, I have yet to take a shot of the bedroom from the angle of the before photo, so, in your mind, cross the room and turn in the doorway to look back in.

On the walls, Blackberry Mocha by Behr. Closets trimmed to match the original trim above the bedroom door and window, which we kept. Ikea bedside tables and the Husband’s ancient bed which I may or may not have some big plans for. And, of course, on the bed, Pekoe and our summer blankets that don’t really go with the walls at all. This is our blank canvas to start with. I have plans for the bed, for the walls, the side tables. Slowly, it will all come together.

Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoy a relaxing weekend.

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