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Just close the door, Part 2

To review, we have a room, Room Number 4, that is untouched. It’s our temporary room, since everything is only there temporarily, waiting for it’s permanent, more polished home.

This room is going to be tough to get under control. We have big plans for this space in the coming year or two. We’re taking a break from renovations for now, but next spring, this room will be getting the same treatment all the other rooms got — a full overhaul, with more than a few bells and whistles. Is it really a good idea to put a lot of time and effort into a room that’s just going to be full of dust and construction mess in 8-10 months anyway?

I could see this as a room to play in. After all, since it’s untouched, I could make as many design mistakes as I want, pound holes into the walls, paint it a terrible, outlandish colour. After all, we’ll be starting over completely with it soon enough anyway. But there’s something even more daunting standing in our way with this space.

I want too much out of it.

I want a dining room.

I want a piano and music room.

I want a craft room in which to sew, and a studio in which to paint.

I want an office.

I want a laundry room.

This room is approximately 9 feet by 12 feet.

Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?

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