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Just close the door

This is what happens: you spend and you spend and you spend, and you work really hard until you’re exhausted and covered in dust all the time, and eventually you just have to stop because you’ve eaten up all of your resources. That’s ok, because essentially we’re done the big stuff. One of these days, I’m going to give you a proper tour through each room with a handy little guide of all the things we did.

But not today.

Today, I’m going to show you something we didn’t do.

This is Room Number 4. You also know it as our temporary bedroom. As you can clearly tell, it’s not a temporary bedroom anymore. And, as far as mess goes, you’re currently seeing it in it’s cleaned up state.

I know. I should probably be ashamed of all this.

We have done nothing with this room. We patched up the old doorway that used to sit behind the washer/dryer and filled in a couple cracks in the drywall, but really, that was for the bedroom which shares this wall. We hung our temporary closet. (Which in hindsight, should have gone on a different wall since it now hinders the opening of the dryer door. Meh.) We installed water hookups and a vent for the dryer and stacked the whole thing in the corner where the closet (and, one day, stairs) will be.

And then we filled it with stuff that won’t fit anywhere else and closed the door.

Oh, how easy that was. Just wait ’til I tell you everything I want this room to be!

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