The Basement Apartment: A Kitchen One Could Actually Use

Happy Friday!

In the excitement of the leaps of progress we've made in the main floor of our bungalow, did you think I had forgotten about the tour of our basement apartment, complete with before and after pictures? Sometimes I worry that this blog suffers from an attention disorder since posts about our projects can end up so scattered as we move through them.

Last night, I remembered and forced myself to take the time to snap a couple pictures of the apartment's kitchen. After all, while our new tenants are very blog friendly people, and may make an appearance or two here should they wish to, we will not be bursting in on them because I forgot to get a particularly important shot for the blog. What kind of terrible landlords would we be then? So, these may be the last shots you get to see of the below-ground portion of our house.

To refresh, this is what the apartment's kitchen looked like when we moved it.

Believe it or not, we were pleased to be faced with such a situation, a blank slate of endless possibilities. Well, not entirely endless... we didn't want to move the plumbing or the gas line. But, with no base cabinets in place we didn't have to face the extra expense of ripping any out. During our house search, we didn't see any basement apartment kitchens with salvageable kitchens. Why is it that, so often, basement apartments seem to fall quite into neglect?

We lucked out and found a great deal on cabinets at Home Depot, a great deal that is, once again, available at our local HD. To solve a bit of a conundrum with oddly shaped walls requiring oddly shaped counter tops, we made our own with plywood and a sheet of laminate. We found a great stove on Kijiji for cheap, but after spending close to $100 on a truck rental in order to get it home and then struggling it down the stairs (this may have involved some bloodshed), we decided the convenience was worth it and sprung for a new fridge. In all, I estimate that this kitchen cost us around $2000 to put in. Total. And, it was probably one of the easiest of the renovations we've done in this house.

And, once again, I show you how good we are at getting things almost done, but not quite... Yes, the step still needs to be painted. And oh, look! There's an outlet without a cover! Hopefully, this will be done before the tenants arrive. Fortunately, we have one more weekend of help on all the little things from my wonderful father-in-law!

In hind sight, we could have made it even larger. I wish we'd made the space for a dishwasher beside the sink, or even turned the counter to create a peninsula like we did upstairs. But this works perfectly well and I'm pleased with it.

I hope they will be too.


  1. We're pretty much giddy with excitement about moving in! In fact, Drew has dreamed of having a kitchen with a little bar/island at which to drink whiskey and philosphize. Maybe the two of you can compare kitchen dreams. I'm just excited about all that glorious counter space!

  2. Looks good! What cabinet pulls did you use? I'm shopping right now and those look good.
    (Cousin) Christina

  3. Wow! What a huge difference the new set up makes! Everything looks fresh, bright & modern. As far as basement apartments go, this is probably the nicest kitchen I've seen. :)

  4. I lived in a basement apartment years ago. We had NO counter space let alone a dishwasher or a window! It was so small you had to leave to change your mind! LOL!
    This is really nice and I wouldn't mind living here at all :-)

  5. @troy and christina

    The cabinets came preassembled from Home Depot, on sale for $100 apiece. I couldn't tell you what they're called... but we are incredibly pleased with the quality of them. Home Depot recently had similar cabinets on for the same deal, so they might do the sale on a regular basis.

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