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How To Fix Yer Grout

Remember the problem we had with the grout in the basement bathroom? We thought they had used yellow grout with white tiles, a case of slacker DIY-ers spending the least amount of money possible on a building they were renting out anyway. What did they care?

A little investigation and scratching at the grout and we learned something else: more likely, one, or many, of the previous users of the bathroom were smokers and, due to their habit, the unsealed grout had become discoloured and yellow. Thankfully, this is the only sign of this possibility we’ve found. But, none-the-less, it needed to be rectified.

This is how:

 1. Get your ipod, phone, mp3 player, stereo, surround sound, laptop, ghetto blaster, or whatever else you listen to music with. Put your favourites and and turn it up loud.

2.  Sing along. Loudly. This is the most important step.

3.  Collect your materials.

Grout colorant in the colour of your choice
At least 2 rags

4.  Wipe your tile down with bleach, focusing your scrubbing on the grout.

5.  Take your toothbrush and dip it into the colorant. A small bowl makes this easier.

6.  Scrub the colorant into the grout. Work in chunks at a pace you feel comfortable with. The bigger the chunk, the longer the colorant will sit on the tile, the harder it will be to wipe off, but the better the results will be.

7.  Using your second rag, wipe the colorant off the tile. It will be left behind in the grout.

8.  Don’t be discouraged if you do one square or one line, step back, and don’t see enough of a difference. Do the whole wall or floor or whatever you are colouring. You will be amazed.

I’m not quite done yet — I have one more wall and the ceiling (oh, the ceiling…) to do — but once I got the hang of it, it went pretty quick. Hopefully, I’ll find the time before our tenants arrive. The clock is ticking… eek!

Don’t use your shower or make the bathroom steamy for 72 hours after you’ve finished. It needs to dry. I’m sure bad things will happen if you do — or, so the colorant bottle says.

Please follow!