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Another Bathroom: Before and After

This bathroom renovation was not nearly as extensive as the one upstairs. Someday, I might do a thorough comparison of the two, but not today. Today is a thorough comparison of a before and an after, as I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath since yesterday.

The bones of this bathroom were fine. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the layout. The tub was in OK shape, an expense we could easily avoid. The wall and floor tile was in OK shape. Everything was OK.

But, of course, there were things that were definitely not OK. The pedestal sink was shoved right up against the corner, leaving a huge gap between it and the toilet. It was awkward. And besides, I have never found pedestal sinks particularly attractive or, more importantly, useful. The existing toilet was installed weirdly to lean back against the wall which meant the tank lid didn’t even come close to fitting. And worst of all, the grout in the glossy white wall tile was yellow, yellow yellow. The whole place felt… yellow.

So, what did we do? We ripped out the pedestal sink and toilet and added brand new fixtures. We replaced the shower curtain and rod. We bought a pretty new light fixture and a large flat mirror. And then, we contemplated the walls. We were planning on painting the tile until one of you readers piped up. (Pitofrepair, thank you, thank you, thank you!) We hopped on over to our favourite big orange box and picked up a bottle of grout colourant and sealer in snow white. I’m not finished with this job yet, but the wall I’ve done looks 100% better.

It’s amazing how a few new fixtures brighten up the space so beautifully.

See? You don’t need to knock down walls, move plumbing, and do over your tile in order to have a beautiful bathroom.

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