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Before We Conquered

I love our before pictures. In fact, I’ll go this far: I love our before pictures more than I love after pictures. I know. That seems weird and backwards. Does that mean I think we’ve messed up? That in fact, we’ve made our house worse, rather than better? Certainly not.

I believe before pictures are more important than after pictures. Before pictures are what make it all worth it.
They clarify just how far we’ve come.  They’re what remind you about what you’re doing. They’re what points out that the mess you’re living in now is far better than the mess you were living in before.

Now, I realize I have never shared these before pictures with you. I’m not sure why. I think I was always meaning to take better before pictures, pictures with my DSLR instead of my crummy camera phone. But I never got around to it. And then we started moving things in and ripping things out, but we didn’t actually change to much, and I kept thinking I would get to it. And never did, and never did. And then the whole place changed and now here we are at After and all I’ve got are crummy camera phone Before pictures.

But, it’s time to share. It’s time to share because it’s Basement Apartment month and how can I properly talk about our basement apartment without showing you where we started?

Besides, Before pictures are fun.

All of these shots were taken during our first tour of the place. We had toured three or four other houses with basement apartments by that point and were constantly disappointed with the height of the ceilings and lack of windows in the basement unit. I couldn’t bear the thought of renting out such a place because I couldn’t bear the thought of living in such a place. We stepped into this basement and, despite the grime everywhere, breathed a sigh of relief. What we were looking for actually existed. In rough form, perhaps, but still, there it was. 
I think about what we did down here and, in reality, it wasn’t that much when you compare what we’ve been doing upstairs. But I am so glad with how everything is turning out. 

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