More Limbo

(Wow! Our 100th post! Should we be celebrating this with some sort of pomp? How about a bedroom?)

I wish I could say that we’re all settled in upstairs, in the above ground unit in our little bungalow. I wish I could say everything was done, that the only thing we’re waiting on is the counter top. I wish I could say we weren’t using a combination of our bathtub and bathroom sink as a kitchen sink. I wish I could say that our new bedroom closet is gorgeous and perfectly organized. I wish I could say that we’ve finally started hanging pictures on the walls.

I can’t say any of that. In fact, we’re still very much in limbo, using half a kitchen, ignoring one room in our house as if it didn’t even exist, sleeping in a temporary bedroom, storing our clothes in laundry baskets. (Not that that is necessarily much different from the norm around here…)

Our temporary bedroom is not an inspiring space. If you were hoping for something beautiful that you could add to your pin boards on Pinterest, I’d suggest trying here instead.

This is the second bedroom in the house, the room at the front. Once the back bedroom is finished — the ‘master’, though it’s only a few inches larger and has, in fact, been made a few inches smaller with the addition of a closet — this room will become a dining room, laundry room, and music room all in one. For a while, it will continue to sport the original floors and trim of the house until will find the time (and money) to finish the attic, install a set of stairs and knock out a wall. 
Oh yes. Our house is going to look nothing at all like it did when we started.
The worst thing about this bedroom?

The boxes of flooring still waiting to be installed, another temporary dresser. It is surprising how easily little inconveniences like this can become part of every day life and simply tolerated. Indefinitely.

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