An imperfect solution

Remember what our back yard looked like when we moved in? The reason it looked so bad, so much like a dump, was because directly behind our house is a street of apartment buildings, and their dumpsters line our back fence. Renters aren’t all bad. But they certainly aren’t all good, either. The evidence is glaring: they don’t care where their garbage lands when they carelessly attempt to toss it from their balconies to the dumpster.

(I suspect the woman who sits on her balcony all day talking on the phone loudly in between swearing at her kids through the screen door.)

There’s little we can do about the garbage but grit our teeth and clean it up. The ugly fencing however, we were hoping to hide. So, we bought sunflower seeds! The package claimed they would grow to 14 feet, but when the back bramble didn’t get cleared out in time and the weeds sprung up around them, they didn’t get enough light to shoot quite that high. But this week, they flowered. That, combined with some green spreading vines, The back fence line isn’t looking quite so bad anymore.

Aren’t they gorgeous peeking over the height of our wild flowers? They do nothing to stop the onslaught of garbage ending up along our fence line, but at least they’re pretty to look at.

I hope to grow this patch next year, hopefully with more than 4 flowers reaching full bloom, especially after we’ve taken out the weeds and planted our garden in it’s place. A gorgeous wall of sunflowers seems like the perfect way to draw attention away from the ugly buildings beyond and into our own space.

0 thoughts on “An imperfect solution

  1. Sunflowers are (along with daisies) the most cheery of flowers, in my humble opinion.

    My friend's house, too, had a Trash Issue. I can't remember how she solved it — police tickets, I think, which is just embarrassing if it's for littering — but I wish you the best. Lazy apartment-dwelling neighbors are among the worst, ugh.

    But the sunflowers look lovely. I heartily approve!

  2. Imperfect solution maybe, but a creative and beautiful one! I love sunflowers. Every year around this time when I see them in bloom I resolve to grow some "next year" and then when I see them in bloom the next summer I realize that I forgot again. Thanks for sharing yours with us. They're such cheerful looking flowers!

  3. This is certainly nicer than before. If this is your fence, have you checked out woodbine? That stuff is super easy to grow, covers the fence in a big hurry and needs little to no care…except that does have a tendency to want to go places you don't want it.:-) But it covers up everything you're trying to hide in a big way, in a big hurry. You can still plant some beautiful sunflowers in front of it too!

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