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Tiny Space Laundry

In honour of our last big purchase, I went on a laundry closet rampage over my lunch hour, which was less of rampage and more of a sluggish search due to an oddly busted Internet connection. (Something to do with a busted transformer?) Despite the difficulties of loading images, I learned something about the laundry habits of the blogging and designing world:

Laundry rooms are huge.

When I say laundry closet, I don’t mean a large room with a whole whack of counter space, a room that is essentially a kitchen, lacking the fridge and stove and adding the washer/dryer. I don’t even mean a small, well organized room with a bright window and plenty of storage space.

When I say laundry closet, I mean a laundry closet.

Yes, I found a few. A few good ones.

Oh, wicker baskets. How I love wicker baskets.
See? More wicker!
And even more. Wow. Am I predictable or something?
In reality, by the time our washer and dryer are delivered on the 20th, it’s unlikely the closet will even be built. But I guess these inspiration images are a start, for now. Have you any more for me?
What’s your laundry room like? Have you got a room or are you doomed to closet like me?
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
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