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Another Sneak Peek of Sorts

These sneak peaks don’t seem fair… should a sneak peak mean that I have whatever you guys get to peak at?

I don’t have my counter top yet. In fact, I have a whole 2-3 weeks to wait until I can have my counter top. But, I do know exactly what it’s going to look like!

(Apologies for the terrible quality of my camera phone. One of these times I will screw up my courage and bring my camera along to a place of business such as this.)
On Friday, we went to the warehouse and picked out our slab! It has a beautiful grain in it, a deposit of darker granite that runs in a swoop from the top to the middle of the slab. I know — the pictures don’t do it justice. But believe me when I say that when I saw it, I gasped.
The woman helping us was so friendly and pleased that we were happy with out choice now that we had seen it in the large size. She brought us past all our options just in case — apparently it’s rare that people don’t change their mind when they see their choice in full — so of course I glimpsed the samples of all the super expensive stone that isn’t available in the options at Lowes. I drooled for 5 minutes, then asked the price. 
It’s amazing how quickly the question of price solidified our decision.
2-3 weeks! Let the countdown begin.
Please follow!