Thursday, July 28, 2011

A True Conclusion

Like the basement apartment, the stove is one of those ongoing sagas that I've done a great job of alluding to, but never actually telling you the full story. It's one of those customer service nightmares, a nightmare that bothered me far more than it bothered the husband.

To refresh, about a month ago, we were falling all over ourselves to recommend scratch and dent if you're looking for a brand new appliance. We probably still are. But I don't think it will be such a carefree recommendation anymore. Sure, they delivered everything, slid it all into place, and it looked great, especially once everything was hooked up. And it was hot. It wasn't like we were using the stove much. No wonder it took us 2 weeks before we discovered the problem.

The oven wouldn't start.

It's a gas oven and there was, simply put, no gas running to the oven part of the stove. We're pretty good at DIY and diagnosing issues, so we pretty quickly determined it wasn't something we could handle. We called up the place we bought it from because, for the first month, they were still responsible for it. Our 14 month warranty would kick in after that. They sent out a technician and that's where it got frustrating.

He came, stood in my kitchen and looked at the stove. He didn't touch it. Didn't try to turn it on. He listened to our own diagnosis of the problem -- something the Husband had already gone through on the phone -- nodded and said, "Oh, yes. That must be the problem." He left, promising the order a part.

Two weeks pass and we haven't heard a thing. Finally, I call on Friday.

"Oh, yes. The part isn't coming in. We'll replace the stove for you on Monday."

On Monday, when I don't get a phone call with specifics, I call.

"Oh, yes. We'll bring it tomorrow. Call at noon, and I'll tell you when."

I call at noon.

"3 o'clock!"

I leave work early. As I'm getting off the subway, I get a message. Guess who isn't coming anymore? I'm livid. I call.

"Tomorrow, tomorrow. At 5:30."

Finally, at 6:00, we meet the delivery guy. In comes the new stove, all wrapped in cardboard and plastic. Out goes the old stove, with its thin layer of dust giving away its lack of use. We pop the new one into place, turn on the oven, watch the pilot light turn orange and the temperature start to tick up.

At last!

Have you any customer service horror stories to share?


  1. The stove is gorgeous!

    My customer service horror story is actually from a couple of days ago. We live in rural Oklahoma (not by choice...) and our cable, internet, and phone went out for over 12 hours. At that point, I called the company (we have the all-in-one plan) from my cell phone. They actually told me that they couldn't send a representative to look at everything unless I was calling from our home phone! The worker refused to listen when I told her that everything was out of service, therefore I couldn't call on my home phone. She said there was nothing she could do. It was absolutely ridiculous!

    I finally talked to a supervisor who understood the situation immediately and was very apologetic.


  2. Your new stove is so pretty! Now that the frustrating part is over, I'm so jealous! :)

    I agree with Karen about the cable service, though. A tree fell on our cable line during a storm last year ... they hooked us back up with a patch cable a few days later that they left laying on the ground through the ravine to our house.

    It took us and the neighbor both calling every couple of days for 3 months before they finally came back and raised the wire on the telephone poles. They kept sending a yahoo in a service van who would look at the line and decide it should be buried. He would then schedule an appointment with the crew that buries cable who would take one look at the ravine and say it was impossible. They'd go away, we'd call again, and a different yahoo in a van would show up, again recommending the line be buried. For. Three. Months. It was crazy ...

  3. @Karen


    ... Wow... And I thought we had it bad with cell phone/cable companies. Those are horror stories indeed!