Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A sneak peek, of sorts

Just after we ordered our granite, I went skimming the Internets trying to find an example of it in a real live kitchen. Couldn't find anything except a little square sample image that looked nothing at all like what I remember of the in-store sample. Queue heart palpitations. Did we just make a big mistake? The Husband thought so, especially since the sample was way more grey than what he expected.

The Husband is not a fan of grey.

And then, I signed on one more time to the company's website and saw this, right there, on their front page:


The Husband is still skeptical. He still doesn't like grey. But guess who loves it?

I love it!

Unlike the wee little sample they display in the bottom left corner, there is a strong grain in this particular granite. It's that grain that drew me to it. Of course, I still had a slight hesitation when the measuring guy (Mike? I think?) asked me to confirm that we had, indeed, picked 'Silver Silk'. Am I sure? This will be our largest single purchase. I keep reminding myself that there's no way we could go wrong with granite. It's not like we went for a crazy colour of cabinets that will clash. And yet, to pull the trigger causes just a moment of pause, a moment of panic. 

And then I signed off on the form, and he packed up his things, strongly complimented our cabinet building abilities, and left me to get back to work while dreaming of a gorgeous kitchen.


  1. i like it.

    keep in mind that a lot of suppliers call different granites the same things. so, like, your silver silk could be a completely different stone at another place. so don't panic!

    also, you may want to tell whoever you purchased it from that you'd like to approve the particular slab before they fabricate. that way you can specify how you'd like it cut, too. (for instance, if you'd like a section with a lot of movement in an area where it's most visible, etcetera.)


  2. Looks great! You definitely made the right choice. You can relax now haha

  3. Each piece of granite is unique so your actual piece may vary from the sample you looked at. Keep that in mind..

  4. @Kelly@TearingUpHouses

    I was assured by the guy who measured our counter tops that we would get to pick our slab ourselves. After all, he said, we're paying for it!

  5. @Anonymous

    No worries... we aren't expecting our granite to look exactly like the photo. We get to pick our own slab, so we're sure to end up a counter top we like.

  6. Hey girl! Fun blog you have here. Love the granite by the way and I'm sure your hubs will too. I think I buy everything in grey these days!

    Look forward to seeing what you do next :-)