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A Thankless Job

Remember my post from a couple months back about the hack jobs the previous owners left behind in our house? As the end of the summer creeps closer and with it, our desired deadline for moving out of the basement and moving tenants in, some of these issues are becoming higher priority. Like this one:

The tile in the bathroom is in iffy shape, but at least the grout smeared all over them can be fixed. Right? Right?
Well. Right. Except that, after an hour of scrubbing away at these tiles last night, I stepped back to look over my handiwork and felt as if I had made no progress whatsoever. Yes, there was less grout, though I tired well before I could get it all — that stuff is stubborn! But the grout lines were still yellow and the corners were still cracking. At 8:30, I threw down my scrubbing tools and gave up somewhat mournfully. We’ll be painting the tile, but there was a small part of me that had hoped we could avoid it.
Guess not.
(Any suggestions from our knowledgeable readers would be much appreciated!)
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