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A sneak peek, of sorts

Just after we ordered our granite, I went skimming the Internets trying to find an example of it in a real live kitchen. Couldn’t find anything except a little square sample image that looked nothing at all like what I remember of the in-store sample. Queue heart palpitations. Did we just make a big mistake? The Husband thought so, especially since the sample was way more grey than what he expected.

The Husband is not a fan of grey.
And then, I signed on one more time to the company’s website and saw this, right there, on their front page:
The Husband is still skeptical. He still doesn’t like grey. But guess who loves it?
I love it!
Unlike the wee little sample they display in the bottom left corner, there is a strong grain in this particular granite. It’s that grain that drew me to it. Of course, I still had a slight hesitation when the measuring guy (Mike? I think?) asked me to confirm that we had, indeed, picked ‘Silver Silk’. Am I sure? This will be our largest single purchase. I keep reminding myself that there’s no way we could go wrong with granite. It’s not like we went for a crazy colour of cabinets that will clash. And yet, to pull the trigger causes just a moment of pause, a moment of panic. 
And then I signed off on the form, and he packed up his things, strongly complimented our cabinet building abilities, and left me to get back to work while dreaming of a gorgeous kitchen.
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