A Perfect Weekend

What makes a perfect weekend? It’s like a perfectly mixed cocktail, the blend just right — not too much sweetness to hide the taste and warmth of the alcohol, not too much alcohol to drain the sweetness and twist your face into a scowl.

This weekend was the perfectly mixed cocktail. Saturday, despite the heat, we worked upstairs with all the doors and windows open. At the end of the day, the guys sat back, checked out their work and wondered aloud what it was that took them so long, but I was pleased, beyond pleased, really. Can you blame me?

Some of you may have been wondering where all the uppers were when I posted about the kitchen last week. Does that picture answer you question? I am in love. Once we have a counter top to go with all this, I’ll give you an in depth tour of the kitchen.
While the men-folk were doing the physically difficult labour of throwing those cabinets up on the wall, I painted. We have quite a few doors to tackle in this house — and by quite a few, I mean 4… Perhaps I need to redefine my idea of ‘quite a few’? — and they’re not even halfway to painted. Doors are a pain!
To top our Saturday off with a dollop of ice cream, we got all cleaned and dressed up, and hopped in the car to go the next town over. We spent the evening helping my best friend celebrate her birthday at a country bar. We (I — the Husband doesn’t do country) danced until the lights came on and collapsed into bed well after our bed-time. 
It’s a good thing we take Sundays easy. 

What did you get up to this weekend?

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