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Our Backyard Is Pregnant

That is really what a garden is, isn’t it? I suppose thinking of the earth as a womb lends quite easily to the Mother Earth myth, but really, that’s exactly what our garden is. We planted seeds, and in the safety and the darkness of the soil, things grew.

And now we’re eating them.

(Have any of you ever heard of the Arrogant Worms? You should probably watch this video.)

In all seriousness though, I am officially in love with my garden. Almost exactly a month ago, Mocha gave you a very thorough tour. Now, my rows of carrots and lettuce and my ring of broccoli have all filled in that much more. Filled in so much, in fact, that I realized it was time to thin my carrots if I wanted ones of a decent size at all. Perhaps even, too late. According to the vast realm of the Internet, I should have done this back when my plants were only 3 inches tall. They are at lease 5, perhaps 6.

I started to pull. Carrots come up easily, some with just tiny orange roots, others with full blown ‘baby’ carrots. I was amazed, surprised, pleased with the small pile of carrots beside my garden fence. A quick nibbled and I got a little dirt against my tongue mixed with the crunchy, hard sweetness of the orange flesh. It was delightful.

I took the rest in, washed them up, trimmed their ends and added the handful of real, straight-from-the-ground baby carrots to our pizza dinner. I’m not really sure what I thought would happen when I planted carrot seeds, but somehow, the fresh crunch of the veggies filled me with an overwhelming sense of pride. I grew these!

I could get used to gardening, I think.

A Disclaimer

Since I know food choices can be a touchy subject, I wanted to add this disclaimer before the potential influx of offended readers. The Arrogant Worms video is a light-hearted poke and not meant to be taken seriously. I am sorry if any of my readers choose to take offense to it.
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