Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Bit of Dreaming

After reading about Shannon's office this morning, I've realized I can't deny it anymore. It's official. I want a home office.

Hers is, of course gorgeous. But I'd also be happy with one like this.

Or one of these.

Or even one of those closet offices, as long as there's a window somewhat close by to said closet.

Unfortunately, we have a bit of a nasty limitation. Mainly, this:

Meet our floor plan.

(I know, I should have posted this a long time ago.)

Considering this space really only adds up to approximately 600 square feet*... do you see any space for a desk and a filing cabinet, let alone a library of bookshelves or beautiful vases lined up in a row?

(Ok, I'm sure I can find the space for the beautiful vases.)

Before this pity party gets too much underway, I will remind myself that we have big plans, plans that include adding at least 300 square feet of space, possibly more, and may allow for an adorable office nook, maybe gorgeously tucked under a skylight in the attic. Until then, I guess my office is the dining room table.

* The fact that I've not shown a single closet is not a result of laziness, trust me (though we are soon rectifying that situation).


  1. No suggestions for you based on your floor plan - not my strength at all, but information and referral I can do, so my two-cents' worth would be to have another look at IKEA where they have sample tiny apartments set uo and it is amazing what they can all incorporate into a tiny space!

  2. The Ikea in North York -- the one we go to the most often -- only ever has 1 of those sample apartments. Lots of examples of full-sized rooms, but no other apartments that put it all together. Perhaps we'll have to make a trip to the one at the Gardiner soon to see if they've changed anything since we were there last year.

  3. What if you line one of the walls with bookshelves in the dining room (IKEA's Billy bookshelves are awesome and you can get doors for them!! -using that as a pantry in my kitchen) and have a dining table and chairs in the middle or off set for movement. Use 2 filing cabinets, make a custom skirt for them to cover them up and put a nice piece of marble, granite, wood... on top of it to make it look like a console table / sidebar (it can act as double duty!) As for office supplies, baskets look nice on shelves! My great-aunt had a double duty dining room and she had a picture wall above her sidebar and with it was a mirror (but it was actually a medicine cabinet she built into the wall to hold out of sight items) it blended in quite nicely with all her artwork and tchotkes and you would never know!!!!