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The Appliance Search Concludes

Last I talked about appliances, I shared our night of shopping at Lowes, The Brick, and Home Depot. When we concluded our evening last Wednesday, we had one more place we wanted to visit.

Pilo Appliances isn’t much to look at. It’s crammed full of inventory without too much care or attention given to displays and floor models. What’s there is there. Half of it is still wrapped in plastic. The dishwashers proudly show off their insulating layers. But for those prices, who cares?

See, it’s a scratch and dent place. Not that every appliance has a scratch or a dent. The first time we visited, we were informed that some of them had just suffered from ripped packaging which, for some reason, meant the company couldn’t sell the product as new. We weren’t really expecting them to be able to fully outfit us. We have learned quickly in this process that there is a bizarre lack of love for gas stoves in the appliance world and the few times we had called Pilo to see if they had any in stock, they had been disappointingly lacking. But, we thought we’d give them a chance when it came to our fridge and dishwasher. At least.

We walked in and there, (queue music) with the light shining on it and glinting off it’s beautiful stainless steel face, its cast iron staunchly standing up to the wimpy coils of the electrics that surrounded it, and its sleek, simple control panel casually beaconing, our gas stove and I fell deeply into some serious love at first sight.


Yeah, right. I’m sorry. Did I make you gag a little?

I don’t actually feel so strongly about the stove, but it is a beautiful one. Stainless steel knobs, as we wanted, but not the slide-in I had already reluctantly admitted was out of our price range. A quick look around matched a fridge and dishwasher to the stove and after a brief conversation with the sales person, we walked away with a delivery time of Sunday afternoon.

Say what?

Home Depot, Lowes, the Brick… they all wanted to take two weeks to order and deliver our appliances. Scratch and dent is, of course, in stock, and the delivery charge might be a little steeper, ($150, compared to $50, $69.99, and $75, respectively) but when you’re dropping $3000 on appliances, it’s kind of nice to actually have the product within a few days. So now, my counter topless kitchen is just a touch more beautiful, matching handles and everything!

So, what’s the low-down?

Listed at $1199, regularly retails for $1700.

Listed at $999, regularly retails at $1600.
Everywhere else we had looked, we had decided on this fridge without the French doors. We could have saved a little extra money by going for our original choice (listed at $799 Scratch ‘n’ Dent, versus $1000 retail), but when we saw the French door for the same price as the retail price of the model without the extra flash, we decided to splurge a little.
And, finally,
Listed at $799, regularly retails for $1500.
All these prices, as we bundled the appliances together, became flexible, so we walked away with an additional $300 or so dollars off. And goodness, are we happy.
The moral of the story? If you’re buying new appliances, go Scratch ‘n’ Dent. Ours don’t even have a spot on them, at least not that we can find. Now, all we need is to get our plywood counter top rigged up, throw up the uppers, and I’m good to cook somewhere other than the dark, dim kitchen that I’ve been in for the past two months.
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