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In Which We Visit Three Appliance Stores in One Night

Before we can order our granite, we need to have our appliances. In fact, according to a flow chart at Lowes, we totally got it backwards: we were supposed to pick our appliances first, right after we had finished dreaming. Obviously, we didn’t do that.

Last night, we started our appliance hunt at Lowes. As soon as Salesperson John found out we were looking for three appliances, we had his attention, 100%. He took us through every single one of our options, made suggestions, worked out a deal and printed off an estimate for us.

An LG fridge, KitchenAid dishwasher, a Bosch stove and a free standing range hood. I don’t really want to think about the number that spit out of his computer.

On to Sears. Salesperson Bob was a little less interested, but informative enough and willing to work with us in light of the prices we were being given at Lowes. The same LG fridge, price matched. The same KitchenAid dishwasher, price matched. A GE stove that, after seeing a proper picture of the Bosch stove at Lowes, I actually like slightly better.

Finally, Home Depot. We’d worked with this salesperson before and had always been pleased, but this time, he was a little snarky, a little short. He’d had a long, hard day and really just wanted to go home. We start talking to him, asking about our options. “Go with GE,” he says. Oh, I say, we don’t need to have all the same brand. He looks at me. “No one is going to put in stainless if it’s not all the same brand.” What? Really? “It’s all about the handles with stainless. They have to match perfectly.” I stare at the $1000 GE dishwasher in dismay, the $1200 GE stove, the $1000 GE fridge. Even with the 10% off, I feel resentful of the restrictions.

I start to miss John. I even miss Bob.

(Those feelings were more likely hunger due the fact we didn’t bother taking the time to eat after work at it was almost 10:00.)

Now, we have three estimates, three estimates that land us in exactly the same spot with slight variances. All we really have to worry about is the quality of the product and there is where my worry lies.

(Anyone know anything about GE or KitchenAid dishwashers?)

Please follow!