I know I haven’t done a progress post in a long time, instead filling this blog up with fluff. Do you think we’ve run out of steam? I’m not sure we haven’t. 

In the kitchen, we’ve opened up all our Ikea boxes, screwed a bunch of surprisingly heavy panels together and ended up with 9 kitchen cabinets, four of which have been firmly screwed to the wall or each other, waiting for an adornment of granite. The other five wait patiently for their turn in a big jumbled mess on our living room floor. I want to save the details of our kitchen design until I actually have some evidence of it to show you, so all I’ll say is that even the ‘uppers’ need to wait for that granite before they can assume their final place. 
Granite for which we haven’t even picked a company yet.
We have no appliances. No sink picked out. We can’t even agree on granite colour. Light or dark or somewhere in between?
And the bathroom… hasn’t moved. No progress. We haven’t even removed the too-small toilet in favour of a 14-inch rough-in. Haven’t even order the 14-inch rough-in toilet, that’s how lazy about it we’ve gotten. And our debacle with the vanity from a wee while ago? Haven’t yet gone back to pick that up either. 
Oh, woe.  
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