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A Weekend Home

This past weekend, we took a break from the house. I feel like we’ve been taking a lot of breaks from the house and, unfortunately, that’s just going to happen more and more as we get further and further into the summer. At least we’ve arrived at a comfortable point that involves a lot of waiting and very little physical labour.

This past weekend, we took a break from the city. As much as I love the subway, and having friendly neighbours so close, and as cute as our little bungalow may be, we’re country kids at heart and every so often, I miss the space, the quiet, the dark. Good thing we’ve got campgrounds within a decent distance! So, for this weekend, we traded in a bed, a kitchen, a comfy couch for this:

Cozy, perhaps, and it kept us dry through the thunderstorms that forced us to sleep in until we could sleep in no longer on Saturday morning, but I still returned home with bruises on my hips from sleeping on not enough padding. Perhaps a foam layer is in order for next time…

In actuality I think we should upgrade to this:

Or this:
Or even this, even though it looks like it doesn’t have much extra padding, or any ability to keep the rain off:
It’s just so pretty and colourful and reminds me of the sheet and pillow tents and caves my best friend and I made in her basement and then slept in until I told the scariest story she’d ever heard and she insisted on returning to the familiarity and safety of her own bed.
Please follow!