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Fixing a View

Thinking about curtains and kitchens leads to thinking about our kitchen window which has a view very similar to this:

Occasionally, our neighbour’s white SUV is parked in the way of our gorgeous view of his brick wall, but in general, there is absolutely nothing special outside our kitchen window. The window, in fact, used to be inside the bathroom where there would have been no need for a view. The loss of the backyard view from the kitchen has, so far, been the only visible downside of the layout changes we have made. 
Despite the view, I still want to frame it with a pretty curtain and cluster my planned kitchen herb garden around it. It was the herb garden I was thinking about this morning on the bus when inspiration hit. 
(How many of you get inspired and then rush out to look for inspiration pictures after the fact to support said inspiration? Or am I just completely and utterly backwards?)
Window shelves!
They’ll still let the light in, but they’ll make our brick wall a whole lot more appealing. Also, if I fill up the bottom row with cat grass, my herbs and perhaps even the Husband’s cactuses (which have had a rough go since moving in with Pekoe) will probably remain safely unchewed by the precious kitty. And, as my herb collection grows, perhaps I’ll discover a need to display pretty vases and knicknacks in the mean time?
(Is that a bird sitting in the middle of that kitchen table?)
Please follow!