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An Ikea Story

Two months ago, my company gave me a gift card to the retailer of my choice as a reward for being awesome. Or something like that. We were all set to buy our vanity from Ikea and besides, we were gearing up to spend a good $2000 on Ikea kitchen cabinets. There seemed to be plenty of places we could spend the money. So, I requested Ikea and two weeks later, had $200 of Ikea money in my hands.

And then, we change our minds about what we were doing for our vanity situation. No problem. We had cabinets to buy.

And then, I forgot about the gift card until we climbed into our good friend’s truck with every single one of our cabinets loaded up in the back.

Now, I’m at a loss. I don’t want a house that is filled with nothing but Ikea furniture and I don’t want our space to look like I can’t do anything other than Ikea decor. There are a few organizing type things I want to buy yet, such as the pretty wooden cutlery organizer and a whole whack of pull-out pantry organizers, but I don’t think I can spend $200 on the inner workings of my cupboards.

What are your favourite Ikea items? What would you spend $200 on?

How many of you think I’m absolutely ridiculous to actually be complaining about having to go on a shopping spree at Ikea? (Oh. What. a hardship. *sarcasm*)

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