Friday, May 13, 2011

While Blogger was down...

... I turned to Twitter instead! What does this mean?

It means the dusty house is tweeting! In between coats of paint, swiping our credit card, and examining our still long to-do list, that is. We would love it if all of our renovating and blogging friends and acquaintances popped on over there to follow us. And, we would love it if all our friends and acquaintances who don't blog or renovate popped over there to follow us. 

So, go on... follow us!


  1. Help! Can't seem to figure out how to follow you on Twitter.

  2. @Ellie

    Hi Ellie! Make sure you're signed in to twitter and then click the 'Follow Me' link in the post or the 'Follow Me on twitter' button on my side bar. Then, click 'Follow' on my twitter profile. Et, voila! You'll start getting all our updates. :)