We're having some quiet time here at the dusty house. It's my fault. I went away for a sleepless weekend with 900 kids, some good speakers, and some amazing praise and worship. I came back with a squeeze-your-throat-and-rip-your-nose-off kind of cold, had a terrible Tuesday morning and reluctantly missed a consistory meeting Tuesday night so I could stay on the couch and feel my head balloon and detach itself from my body.

Ok, not really, but I feel pretty terrible.

Which means I haven't written here since last Thursday. Which feels like a long time for this blog.

When I came back Monday afternoon the house was quiet. The Husband was out playing golf with a friend, so I had a chance to walk through our bare living room/kitchen, into the bathroom, and check out the changes without knowing much about how the weekend went.

The changes were little, but important. The toilet was installed (more on that later). The shower fixtures were added to our beautifully tiled shower. A shower curtain hung from a rather attractive curtain rod, almost completing the bathroom. The baseboard ran along the bottom of our walls, everywhere except where the kitchen cabinets and vanity will be installed.

Will be installed? Yeah. We don't have a finished bathroom yet. See, while I was hanging out and having fun on Saturday, the Husband was at Ikea trying to find this bedside table:

The plan was to add a vessel sink, drill some holes for plumbing, and, voila. Unique vanity. That is, if they could find it. And if it wasn't grey. Does anyone else think the image looks black? That's what I thought too. Apparently, it's actually grey. Grey, grey, grey. Also, they couldn't find it. They could find it's big sisters and it's little brothers. Just not that one.

The Husband and his helpful friend left, frustrated, with two hot dogs and a drink.

Now, we're not sure what to do. Home Depot doesn't have any vanities that I actually like until you get into the $600-1000 range, especially with our depth limitation. We don't really want to spend that much. And I have no idea where else to look. Rona, Lowes? Won't they just have the same stuff?

Perhaps we'll just throw a big laundry tub in there and call it a day.


  1. Have you considered getting something from Ikea (or elsewhere) and painting it? My housemate just did this with a closet she bought from Ikea and it turned out to be really nice.

  2. Feel better soon, sweetie.

    Hope Liia is doing OK!

  3. @Mom

    Will try.

    Liia's doing great! She's gotten much less mopey the last few days. Perhaps she knows you're coming to take her home soon? Either way, she's actually started grinning at me like her normal self.

  4. @Jenny

    We have considered it and if I had a little more energy these days, that would definitely be the plan. My biggest concern with painting something is that, if we paint something that is made of a cheap material such as melamine or MDF... how is that going to turn out? Wood, I could trust. Not so sure about everything else.

    We may still end up painting something. I've found a vanity at Home Depot that I don't mind, except that it's brown, so we might go with it and paint it. We'll see!

  5. Hey, I was just checking out your blog here...awesome house!
    Are you still interested in that unit? I am actually going to Ikea on Monday with my sister and could take a look for it for you if you'd like. Not exactly sure how I'd get it to you unless you wanted to drive to Bowmanville but I'm willing to help!
    I can ask my Dad for tips on painting melamine or MDF.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. @Alicia B

    Thanks for the offer! We actually have an Ikea relatively close to us, so getting it is not too difficult. But, I think we've found another option, so we shouldn't need it anymore.

    Have fun at Ikea! Turns out I've ended up with a gift card that I forgot to use on our kitchen and now there are no other big purchases! So, I think I'll be having a trip to Ikea for a whole bunch of little stuff sometime in the near future.


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