Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Lesson for Every Home Renovator

This is a lesson every renovator should learn as quickly and as painlessly as possible:

Home improvement stores stop renting their vans, trucks and other means to get your large purchase home at approximately 8:00.

I repeat: after 8:00, you can't get your large purchase home unless you're one of those crazies who owns a large truck in the city or one of those enviable people who own a small truck in the city.

(We wish we owned a small truck. Oh, we wish...)

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, how would you like to help us out a bit?

See, tonight, we did a little home improvement store hopping. It's kind of like bar hopping but with less alcohol. We wanted to check out our vanity options at Rona and Lowes since we had been so disappointed with our options at Home Depot. And besides, I think we've resigned ourselves to the price tag this is going to require. When budgets stretch, options open up!

We have found two that we like. And, for a while, we were pretty certain we had decided. We even bought one. And then tried to squeeze it into the little red Ford Focus that could...n't. No worries! The guy who got it off the shelf for us told us that if it didn't fit into our car, we could always rent a van for 20 bucks and some mileage.

Again. Home improvement stores stop renting their vans, trucks and other means to get your large purchase home at approximately 8:00. And not all of their employees know this.

Frustrated, we brought the vanity to customer service and returned it. To raise our spirits a little, we poked around the store for another 15 minutes and somehow ended up back in the vanity aisle. We started second guessing, wondering. We each had our top choice, but liked the other's choice enough to readily agree. Standstill. So, I turn to you, the blogosphere and all the family and friends that read this blog.

Which would you prefer?

Option #1

Option #2
With this vessel sink:

And why?


  1. I'm going to go with number 1. I don't LOVE vessel sinks and even when I do, I worry about them being out of style down the road.

    If you like vessel sinks, I think that is one of the nicer ones but I think the first one is great. Seems a bit more substantial too.

  2. I love No. 2, but I think No. 1 is the better choice. It seems more practical and easier to clean... No. 2 seems like a great option for a bathroom that isn't used a lot... like a powder room.

  3. Definitely No. 1. We had No. 2 at the salon I worked at....and it was impossible to keep it clean!

  4. I'm gonna go against the flow here and say Option 2.

    I am terribly annoyed by not having at least a little bit of space to put things beside my sink.

  5. Definitely #1. The vessel sinks are going to be dated, and are annoying for face splashers (when I wash my face), like me. Plus, more to clean, with the extra edges. Though I do like the solid white sink twist.

    #1 is handsome.

  6. Ooo! Hard choice. I like the base of the first one but the white bowl sink of the second. That's the type of sink I"m in love with right now since it reminds me of antique dry sinks with a pitcher and bowl which then reminds me of my grandma. :) So I didn't really help, but I like them both!

  7. @Rivikah

    This is one of the reasons I hesitate slightly about #1. There is about a 3.5 inch lip all the way around the square basin which is plenty of space for my glasses and contact lens case... but ideally, I would try to keep all of these things out of site to begin with. Not that that plan has turned out all that well in the past...

  8. @Susan/Project Balancing Act

    I gotta admit, I love the look of vessel sinks, so the fact that one day, perhaps soon, they're going to start looking dated doesn't really bother me. But the face splashing thing... I'm a face splasher too. I hadn't thought of that!