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A Doggy Photoshoot

Dogs can’t say much when you start pointing a camera in their face. Unlike people, they can’t throw their hands up in front of their face or do a silly pose that completely ruins your pretty candid shot. Dogs are silent photoshoot victims.

Also, dogs can be lured outside simply by waving their leash in their face so they think they’re getting a second long walk.

Dogs can turn their heads away. They can move too fast for your shutter speed. They can come in close for a snuggle. They can stand by the door begging to be let back inside when really, you want them out by the shed because there’s grass there and not concrete or piles of junk. 
Dogs can grin at you, even if they are annoyed by the noises your camera makes, dogs with their wet noses and their big teeth and their happy brown eyes. Dogs can be super crazy photogenic even when they don’t want to be. 

Some dogs defend themselves against the camera by moving so fast, with so much energy, you can’t get them to sit still long enough for more than one decent shot. That defense mechanism works really really well.
Especially since those dogs have also perfected the morose expression to go along with being told to sit still. 
(Also, those dogs still need a hair cut.)
(Apologies for the nothing-to-do-with-renos post. Once I get a few more pictures, there might be a kitchen update coming along. Soonish.)
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