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This is what a kitchen looks like

This morning, I woke up with a headache. I could not bring myself to get out of bed knowing I would have to spend another day staring at a computer screen with a sinus headache and zip energy. So, I emailed in sick and slept for two more hours. Do you know how amazing an extra two hours of sleep is when you’re battling a ferocious cold?
It’s amazing.
Especially when your fur baby comes and snuggles with you and makes no end of silly little sleep noises.
I woke up still groggy and kind of crummy feeling (you know that eye burning feeling? The one you get when it’s a really late night and you’ve been concentrating on something for too long? That. All the time. I probably burn lots of calories trying to keep my eyes open. They’re that heavy.) but I’m more or less determined to not waste the whole day throwing myself a pity party.
So, really, this is just a quick post to show you exactly what an awesome kitchen looks like.
Thanks to a very good friend with a truck, we picked all of these up last night! One of my projects for tomorrow while I’m all alone is to figure out how to put one or two together. Hopefully, sometime this week, we’ll have them all in place and we’ll be able to call in some granite people.
Any recommendations for a well-priced, reliable granite company? Or should we just call up Ikea?
And now, I’m off to fold laundry. And pick up the pieces of a Poang chair Mocha chewed to bits. And try to sweep up some of the long black hairs our house guest tends to leave everywhere. And do some dishes. And mostly try to get our life back in control in general.

— Nette

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