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Let’s Shut Those Curtains…

This might freak you out a bit. Might make you wonder what kind of people we actually are. You’ll probably think we’re really weird.


We don’t have any curtains on our windows.

Not even a sheet.

Or a blind.

On any of them.

Are you weirded out yet?

While we were doing the majority of our demoing and such, I hung a sheet kind of haphazardly over the big picture window in the front of the house. I didn’t really want any of our neighbours to get too curious. They were already plenty curious enough, considering the house stood vacant for a year. But then it fell down and I just didn’t bother hanging it back up. We were mostly finished with all the big stuff, and besides, we weren’t living upstairs yet. Not that we’d hung curtains in the basement… we shoved a couple old pillows into the window well of our bedroom and called it a day. With so much to do, curtains came really really low on the priority scale.

But guess what? I have a weekend coming up with nothing to do. The Husband is golfing (in a tournament he totally cleaned up at last year. I’m hoping for another gift card to Milestones this year!) and I’m not so confident in my ability to put together a kitchen all by myself, even if that kitchen happens to come from Ikea and is supposed to be the easiest things to put together ever.

But, I can make curtains! (Actually, I’ve never made curtains before, but I’m pretty confident that they’re easier than, say, that cute purple skirt I made from a pattern from the 80s.) So, last night, while the Husband was playing hockey (is there a trend going on here? Since when did the Husband get so involved in extracurriculars?), I rode 4 extra subway stations and walked 10 minutes to find the most easily accessible fabric store I could.

I was looking for a fabric that would give me curtains something like these:

I wanted a pattern with some colour, a little bit of boldness. Also, um. Cheap.

Half an hour later, I left empty handed and disappointed. Every time I go into a fabric store, I am reminded again how expensive fabric is. At 9.99 a yard, a single panel of a curtain set would come to at least $30! I knew I could buy curtains for cheaper than that.

So, today, I did some research, confirmed my suspicions that making my own curtains was not going to be worth it, and then changed my mind again when I discovered the Ikea fabric section on their webpage. Um, yes!

Or these.

I don’t really want to be an Ikea supporter… they’re a big, evil box store. And I know they make you look like you have no creativity or imagination. But what am I supposed to do when I don’t like anything found at my local mom’n’pop store, regardless of price?

If there’s time, I’ll pick up a couple lengths of one of these tonight when we pick up our kitchen cabinets and hopefully, by Saturday night, we’ll finally have a little privacy!

Please follow!