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Coffee Keeps Me Going

Especially half-and-half with a dollop of golden curls.

Oh, you thought I was actually talking about coffee? The beverage?

The weekend we got Mocha, we took her to a family camp out and introduced her to one half of the Husband’s large family. On the 2 hour drive up, we searched for a name, suggesting one imperfect name after another. Duchess, Cinnamon, Tulip. The Husband’s request for short, one syllable names directly conflicted with my desire for a longer name that would just slide off your tongue. Each time we came up with something, we turned to the puppy sleeping on the mound of bedding on the back seat, considered for a moment, and kept looking.
By the second day of the weekend, it had become a bit of joke — the unnamed, adorable puppy. A few people suggested a naming contest, and many threw our their own suggestions. I’m not sure who suggested ‘Mocha’ but, by the last day of the weekend, I knew it had stuck. 
She’s not the most well-behaved dog — I wasn’t joking in my comment at the end of my last post! She has eaten my wedding shoes. — but she’s our dog and we love her as much as we can love an animal. How can you resist that wiggly bum that just goes crazy the minute you step in the door? Or the way she snuggles against our feet at night and chews quietly on a bone? Or rolls right over for a good belly scratching whenever she thinks you might be in the snuggly sort of mood?
Yup. She’s awesome.
(If you can’t tell, she desperately needs a hair cut.) 
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