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Progress Update

We didn’t get nearly as far as I would have liked this weekend. I’ve learned something about myself in the process of this project: I am very good at setting unrealistic goals for myself and other people.

It had been my hope that, by the end of this weekend, we would have a functioning main bathroom. That meant painting the ceiling, the trim, and the wall, twice each. It also meant buying our vanity and sink, painting the vanity, fixing up the plumping and installing it and the toilet. Oh, how I wanted that ‘Voila’ moment, when I could step back to survey our handiwork and pretend the whole project had been so easy.

In the main room, it had been the Husband’s hope that he would have the ceiling and trim finished and at least the first coat of our colours on the walls. At 3 in the afternoon, he stood back and surveyed the ceiling paint. It didn’t take long to realize that the damp weather was going to slow us down.

None of our plans found fruition. By the end of Saturday, the ceiling of the bathroom had been painted, but needed a third coat, at least around the edges of the tub ceiling where the durock shimmered through the white just slightly. The bathroom walls needed a second coat. There was no vanity — not even in our possession — and our toilet remained in its box. In the living room/kitchen, the humidity hung heavy and our walls remained white.

Did I mention that we don’t work much on the house on Sundays? Especially Sundays that we spend with the youth group of our church?

Our drop clothes remain on the floor, carefully protecting out beautiful bamboo floors, so I was surprised when the Husband, after finishing another coat on all the ceilings and trim last night, announced, “You know, we could be done upstairs in two weeks.”

Really? Two weeks? The place still feels so under construction. It’s hard to imagine it being finished, let alone so soon. Is this yet another of our unrealistic deadlines?

Perhaps, but consider this: if we finished painting this weekend, I can take off for the weekend with the youth group to the annual convention and leave the Husband behind to install the toilet and get the vanity in place. I will come home to a finished bathroom and a painted living room/kitchen. Then, the following week, we can pick up and get going at assembling our cabinets. By the end of the next week, we can hang them, move our living room furniture up and bring in the people to measure for our countertops.

I know… there’s no way it could realistically be completely finished in two weeks. After all, don’t granite counter tops take at least that long from ordering to installation? But the fact that we’re reaching a point in which our role, our labour, is diminished and our credit card’s role increases? It’s kind of exciting! 
(Maybe not the credit card thing so much…)
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