Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thinking Bathroom: Vanity, Vanity

Bathroom vanities are expensive. At Home Depot, we'd likely be dropping at good $500 to get something we want. And then we'd still have to buy a sink. Boo.

Ikea's cheap. And we like their stuff. But none of their vanities come in the 20' depth that we need. Boo.

But wait... in passing, on the weekend, my MIL mentioned that she had once wanted to convert a dresser into a vanity to put in their bathroom. When she said it, I don't think the option fully sunk into my head. Two days later, it finds itself fully lodged in my thoughts.

How beautiful would something like this be?

I know: in this, my tastes tend towards traditional. Beautiful curvy lines, crisp white paint. Actually, my tastes lean towards traditional with a splash of contemporary. More like this.

The modern sink balances the traditional dresser beautifully, I think. I won't go so far as the distressed look though. Honestly, I just don't get that. 

I even found the perfect vessel sink:

The black marble would perfectly combine with our marble tile, adding even more depth and beautifulness to the whole thing. 

So now I just have to find a really awesome dresser that is no more than approximately 30'' high, 20'' deep, and 34'' wide. Value Village, Craigslist, Kijiji... here I come!


  1. I can't wait to see what you choose! When my husband and I tackle our pink main floor bathroom, we want to do something similar to this. I have a piece of furniture called a dry sink that was my grandmother's. It was basically a small dresser on which you would put a basin and pitcher to wash up with in the mornings. It was the thing before indoor plumbing. I don't think I would have it in me to cut a hole in that specific piece of furniture, but I do want to use the idea in our bathroom like you're planning on here! Home Depot has a decent select of the basin above-counter sinks. Here's a great example from another blog I read: I look forward to seeing your final result!

  2. @Katrina Allen

    Don't cut the wash stand! That is, unless you're planning on staying in your home forever! My dad (the Farminarian, above) suggested that I call my grandmother and see if she has an appropriate dresser. For a moment, I thought it was a great idea, and then I thought about what would happen when we move. I'd have to leave the beautiful antique behind! I'd rather put something in that looks great but doesn't have the same sentimental attachment!

    Hopefully we'll get this bathroom finished soon and I can post a final reveal!

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