Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How's this for dreaming? The attic!

Whenever we show people the house for the first time, it's not unusual to get this question:

"So, is there a second storey?"

Sadly, we say no, no second storey.

See, our house has a gable roof with a dormer sticking out the front. It's one of the few things that give our house any sort of curb appeal.

It also makes the house deceptively large, as if it's touting a half story beneath it's shingles. Not so much.

At least, not yet. 

During our home inspection, when the inspector flipped open the attic access in order to check out the roof rot on our roof boards, light streamed down from those dormer windows. As I peered up past him, I saw warm looking wood and a high ceiling. Space, perhaps, for a room? When we first climbed up there after taking possession of the house, our instincts were confirmed: this attic can be far more than an attic.

This is what we envision: a bed in the alcove around the dormer, two skylights on the opposite side of the roof, a small master bath and a good sized closet. Of course, it's a pretty big job. There's more than one brace that would have to be moved, full plumping and electrical, insulating, and drywall. And, then there's the access: I refuse to climb a ladder in order to get to my bedroom. 

It's very easy to look past all the work when you're dreaming.


  1. Do it! Our house was a single story from 1920 - 1990ish and then someone finished the attic space. Now it's a 600 sqft bedroom with a full bath. It sounds like a lot of work but it's definitely fun to dream :)

  2. @Mike and Katrina @HA

    We plan to... eventually! Since our house is about 600 sqft, we'll only end up withe a 300 sqft room once you cut out all the unusable space in the corners, but I still think it would definitely be worth it. We gotta get through this reno first though!

  3. When I was a kid we use to play and sleep at the attic of our house with my cousins. We really love to stay in attic and I don't know why, maybe its just that it was a cool place. I love your post and it reminds me my childhood life. Thank you