Friday, April 22, 2011

The Basement Kitchen Progress: It's a Stove!

A kitchen is not a kitchen without a stove. It's not a house if there is no kitchen.


Our house is a house! Because we found a stove!

After our unsuccessful experience with Kijiji, I was very tempted to walk into Home Depot and put in an order for the cheapest GE they had available. For a brief while, we had even considered dropping the money necessary to get a nice stainless steel stove, one we'd be happy with upstairs. That way, we could move in, have a stove, and keep watching for a great deal on a used one. When the day comes, we move the stove up into our kitchen and voila: two stoves for two kitchens.

But then, I looked one last time at Kijiji and there it was: black, gas, and priced perfectly. I emailed, got the Husband to book a U-Haul, and that night, we picked up our used gas stove for a measly $270 (after some stellar haggling on my part)! We brought it to the house, wrestled it down into the basement and stepped back to admire our finally functional kitchen.

(Actually, it wasn't at all that easy. The wrestling really did feel like wrestling. And we had some issues with hookup. But we're all good now, so those things hardly matter.)

It's a beaut. I've never cooked with gas before, so I'm kind of excited to try it out. Any suggestions of what I should make first?

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  1. Gas is great -- I learned to cook on it, and then promptly forgot after we moved and had to relearn on my last two apartment kitchens! :) I definitely prefer it. My big tips are: water will boil faster than you ever dreamed possible, so don't wander away while you're waiting, and rice (especially brown rice) is a little harder to cook, since (though this will depend on your stove) it can take some finagling to get the flame low enough. Eggs, on the other hand, cook up great.

    Oh, and don't worry about blowing yourself up. You won't. (Not that...anyone I know worries about that...)